Wristband ideas for fundraising, raising awareness and showing support

Silicone rubber wristbands are an effective yet cheapalternative for fundraising, raising awareness and showing support towards charities, events, celebrations, memorials and more.

9 Reasons To Use Wristbands

  1. Memorial – You’ll never forget someone who means something to you with a wristband in commemoration of them. Just a simple message of which they are best remembered by is always a nice touch to those closest to them.


  1. Events Promotions – There is no easier way of organising an event than using unique individually customised wristbands to both promote the event and also create a unique identifier for guests. With no minimum order quantities you can not only promote an event with a wristbands but also use them an entry ticket, admission pass or invitation – HOW FUN!


  1. Fundraising - The once influential charity LIVESTRONG used bright yellow debossed wristbands to raise awareness about cancer. The charity gained worldwide attention through their wristbands, which raised millions through a simple yet effective marketing campaign. Create your own fundraising wristbands with us today and capture the attention of others.


  1. Reminder Bands – Don’t let your loved one forget you whilst they are away or even show your love towards your partner with a reminder band. If ever they forget who cares about them, reminder bands are there to show your support to someone your always thinking about.


  1. Clubs - Durable, waterproof and fashionable sports wristbands are a practical way to show off your team name, slogan or your very own name. They can also be a way of uniting as a club and raising funds for the sports clubs future events.


  1. Business Campaigns - Marketing and advertising agencies and promoters are continually making use out of customised silicone rubber wristbands. Being noticeable and cost-effective, they can be personalised to show the businesses brand, website, contact numbers and addresses or even promoted a new slogan or buzzword.


  1. Celebrations - As silicone wristbands are plastic rubber, they last a long time and are therefore being kept as novelty keepsakes from birthday parties, weddings, graduations and engagements. Hosts can create their own unique wristbands to ‘WOW’ their guests.


  1. Friendship – wearing a personalised silicone bracelet the same colour as your friend symbolises friendship and are really popular with today’s youngsters.


  1. Hen & Stag Parties – Show your part of a crazy hen or stag do with a silicone wristband. Never forget what you got up to either with a simple reminder with a keepsake wristband. With no minimum order quantities they are an affordable and fun way of organising a stag or hen party.