Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Is there next day delivery available with a fast turn-around?

Yes, you can get next day delivery on some products such as the debossed wristbands. ‘Express Delivery’ includes a 1-2 working day production time plus next day delivery. If you want your order by a specific date either give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll get back to you instantly to confirm that we can achieve the time-scale you are looking to turn the order around in.


What is your lowest minimum order quantity?

There is no minimum order quantities (NMOQ) on all of our products, so you can order single items at affordable prices.


Where is your company located?

We are located in Lancashire in the United Kingdom which allows us to work closely with our customers and provide an extra special service by being flexible with customer demands. If you have a special request on a product or delivery times just contact us and we will do our best to meet your needs.


What are silicone wristbands and bracelets made from?

Silicone is a rubber like material that is waterproof and resistant to extreme environments and temperatures from -55 °C to +300 °C. Our silicone wristbands are non-reactive and can be molded into a wide variety of products, making them the perfect polymer to form silicone rubber bracelets.


What are woven wristbands made from?

Our woven wristbands are made from polyester which can be defined as “long-chain polymers chemically composed of at least 85% by weight of an ester and a dihydric alcohol and a terephthalic acid”. In other words, our wristbands contain polyester fibres that are spun together to produce a cloth in the form of a wristband. These synthetic fibres are resistant to water and wrinkles and are highly durable with a strong colour retention.


What is your standard production time?

Our standard production time is 5 working days to personalise products, plus postage time which is usually the next working day via our standard 1st class and 1st class recorded service. However for debossed wristbands we do offer an express service which you can select at checkout, this shortens the production time to 1-2 working days with next day guaranteed delivery.

For printed, embossed and ink filled wristbands these have a 10 working day production time. This is because we have to custom make a mold for your personalised goods before we make the product. Please let us know what date you are after your wristbands by at there is some allowance for speeding up this process if needs be.


Is there any discount for bulk or wholesale orders?

Yes most of the discounts are displayed on the product pages but if you after something in particular just get in touch with us and we’ll aim to achieve this for you.


What size are your wristbands?

Our standard sizes and most popular sizes of wristbands are:

Small 150mm – Ideal for children up to the age of 8/9 years of age

Medium 180mm – Ideal for youths and adults with smaller wrists

Large 202mm – Idea for adults with average to larger wrists


We can also produce wristbands in custom sizes and dimensions so silicone bands can also be used in other ways such as bottle name tags, book holder bands and more.


What type of wristbands do you have?

We produce debossedembossed, ink filledwovenprinted and printed embossed wristbands. We also have a range of scented wristbands, 1 inch wide wristbands, dual / two colour bands, rainbow bands, glow in the dark bands, neon wristbands and more.


What are 'Full Wrap Phone Cases?

A wrapped case is basically a plastic case that clips on to your phone with personalisation all the way around the outer side of the case – this includes the sides and backing of the case. For this reason we suggest you provide an image with the main focus of the image in the center, as anything to the side of your image may end up being printed on the side of your phone case. Don’t forget there is also the hole for the camera gap on the back of the phones (iPhone Samsung etc), so you personalisation will obviously not show here.

We recommend uploading the best image possible to use to allow for the best possible quality print, so we would say anything over 2MB should be of good enough quality.

If you want to adjust anything on the phone such as the lighting, cropping etc then please just add a note to the order and we’ll use the latest software to edit this for you. 

How much does delivery cost?

Delivery costs vary depending on the quantity of products you purchase, however we do charge as little as possible so please check out the price at checkout when you’ve everything in your basket. There is free delivery on orders with a value over £100.


What personal information will you need to process my order?

This information is only required to process and deliver your order and to also contact you about it. We only need your email address, billing address, delivery address and other limited information to complete the order.


Is my information protected?

Yes your personal information is kept private from any other parties and we will only use your information to complete your order.


Who are Customise Mine?

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